My work is very synonymous with who I am as a person fluid, natural, and intuitive. I know where I want to go; how I get there is usually a mystery. My work is directly influenced by my serendipitous nature. Change is my only reality and thus my work is in constant flux.  I am confident in my work and ability to create work fast and efficiently. I have a unique and specific skill set that has allowed me to reach a certain confidence in my ability to work intuitively. I am a fast learner and am passionate about everything I do, especially if I do it well. 

I approach dance the same way. I can dance to any song and make it look like I’ve spent months composing each subtle movement when in reality I perform by just feeling the music naturally. I use ink in this way. Ink is fluid and permanent, which means every mark must be delivered with purpose and confidence. Mistakes are no longer an option when I draw or when I dance. The only thing that exists is movement, direction, and energy. This philosophy allows me to adapt quickly to any environment, song, or medium making it easier to perform under pressure. This also helps me to eliminate the fear of failure enabling me to produce work in shorter time frames.

I have trained my brain, eyes, and hand to be as one, which has given me the freedom to let go of the idea of failing and execute a concept or idea without restraint. With this freedom I want to convey my perspective to the viewer using high contrasting imagery with an emphasis on line and visual design cues in traditional and digital mediums. My work illustrates my mind with each stroke of my pen, pencil, Cintiq etc. All of my work contains subtleties and inflections of who I am and how I perceive the world in one composed dance.