I hate it when I feel inadequate.

There are so many facts in this lifetime that have this affect on me.  

1. Everything that has a definite beginning has an inevitable ending.

2. Life is an  endless cycle. 

3. If something good is in your life bad is soon to follow. 

4. Everything is temporary. 


5. Disappointment comes with expectations. Expectations are human nature. 

Something ought to be said about Love.  

It has the power to create and destroy. To Preserve or Obliterate. To calm or cause chaos.  

Love is an enigma. 

Love is a Beautiful. 

Beauty can be an overwhelming and awesome experience, tragic and intense, there are no limits to how beauty is perceived.  


Love is a tragic and beautiful force.  

[10/6/13 1:16:19 AM] Kimberly: Love is killing me

[10/6/13 1:16:28 AM] Kimberly: and yet... its the only reason I exist

I love you.